Nassau County Tree /Tree Service Nassau

Nassau County Tree Service provides shrub and tree removal, as well as regular all horticultural maintenance in the Nassau County area. We have more than 20 years of experience taking steps to ensure you have healthy trees and shrubs. We can remove them when necessary. Our family run business makes your satisfaction our top priority, so give Tree Service Nassau a call anytime!

Our Tree Services Include:
    •Tree removal
    •Tree spraying
    •Deep root feeding
    •Stump grinding
    •Seasoned firewood

One of the best steps you can take to ensure vibrant, stable growth is to actually prune back the tree. Regular pruning will eliminate dead and sucker branches that pose a risk to both your property and the tree itself.

Sucker branches keep water and nutrients from reaching the top of the tree, and dead branches are the most likely to blow down during a storm. Pruning promotes better growth, and allows greater airflow through the tree so that it is less susceptible to damage. Dead branches should always be thinned out because they can cause future cavities in the tree.

Pruning also eliminates the branches that pose a direct threat to your house or power lines. Even a branch that merely rubs up against your roofing or siding with the wind can cause damage over time. If you get a warning of a storm and strong winds in to your area. It is a good idea to get your trees thinned out to let the wind flow through them better. If a storm hits and you need emergency removal services, we’ll respond quickly to your call.

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